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David Brogan Horticultural Services 

Serving Southeastern MA, 508-444-0079, [email protected]


On the surface, there is little to fascinate us like the presence of water. Water is life to everything that lives. Christ said he was the living water. When we need times of refreshing we often go to places where there is water. The vistas created over water are soothing to the soul and pleasing to the eye.

Water in the Garden can be magical in to draw us in and cause us to explore. Water is fascinating. Water is mysterious.

- The sound of water falling and moving is comforting and has elicited a plethora of onomatopoeic words in our language which attempt to describe these joyful sounds.

-- Water reflects what is above it. When the sky is on fire so is the water.

Water takes many forms.

Wind and Water shape the land.

Water is hypnotic

All life depends on water.

Egret, hunting at Woodneck Marsh.

Young Harbor Seal resting on Stony Beach after a Winter storm.

-- Once I found out that gardens needed water I went to find a way to get the water to the plants. My father was a plumber and I copied him when I was four by hooking together pipes and fittings to bring the water where I wanted it.

   It is no different today. Once the good soil is in place, water is the key. Get the water right and the plant will thrive.

   I use principles to maximize the amount of water the plant receives from natural sources. This includes soil additives and the construction of barely visible, on the down slope side of the plant. These wells help catch the rain and slow runoff.

   Where necessary, irrigation might be used. There are many ways to irrigate and I work with you to find the method that best fits your site.

All photos are the property of David Brogan and Second Nature.